Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wherefore art thou Spring?

The Calendar says it is Spring. 

It doesn't feel like Spring.  Winter is just not wanting to let go this year.  This time last year, our temps were in the 80's.  This morning we woke up and it was 18 degrees, but felt like 10.  :(

Even the farm animals aren't acting like Spring is here.  We are getting exactly Zero eggs per day out of all animals.  Even with upping their feed, changing water multiple times a day, big fat nothing.  The geese are not even attempting to build a nest.

I honestly do not know if their internal clocks know something about this weather, or maybe they are older than I thought?  *shrugs*

Other than still having cold weather, we are gearing up for Spring by cleaning out the dust bunnies that have gathered over winter under beds and in closets.  Gearing up for Easter celebrations and upcoming children's birthdays, and so ready to start our summer plans!!

Our spring break officially starts tomorrow, and while we're planning a party for Saturday, an egg hunt later in the week, baskets for Easter morning, it's snowing.

Someone needs to find that groundhog and make fried whistle pig out of him.

Some new changes being made this year.  Not adding more animals to the farm, but do plan to expand our apiary. Sold the bull calf this past week, so no bovines in the field this spring/summer.  We'll see what happens when fall comes.

Really ready for some warmer weather here and 100% over the cold and snow!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Oh, hi! Remember me?! Darn those cookies!!

Finally a blog post!  My computer had a case of "technology flu" and for some reason, my cookies were broken.  Guess what?  You need cookies to log into things like blogger.  And eBay (oh sweet eBay how have I missed you?!  Really, not that much...)  I tried fixing those dang cookies for weeks and finally gave up.

Then I realized I had let my virus protection lapse!!  A quick renewal, computer clean up, defrag, and some other stuff, restarting a gazillion times, and finally those cookies are fixed!! All back to normal, and no crumbs to speak of...

Speaking of cookies....

This is what I've been filling my time with!  This has been thanks to pinterest for ideas and piddling around in my kitchen with Wilton cake bags and tips!!  It's been tons of fun!

We're really looking forward to spring around here.  Ready for nice weather,  chicks hatching,  freshly mowed grass (believe it or not there's a young fella about 2 miles up the road who was already mowing his yard!! and there's not yet new grass to mow!!),  spring rains, MUD!!  Oh yes, I much prefer mud to snow!!

I think most of us have had enough of winter.  I'm really excited with what we're working on for our farm, and our plans we've made thus far for the summer.  Stay tuned!