Friday, September 2, 2011

Catchin' Up

Ok so I think I'm officially the worst blogger ever :P I haven't updated here forever!

We're 17 days away from having our baby girl, and we've been super busy trying to get ready.

Decluttering the house - check!
Down sized poultry flocks - CHECK!
sold the goat - check!
Papa got the kids a pet rabbit - check!
Have more clothes than one kid could possibly wear for baby girl - check!
Got baby's hospital bag packed - check!
My bag is packed - um not yet? lol

today was spent going through the stuff we had packed away in totes when we moved into this house. Getting rid of A LOT. Just can't keep it all.

Also, pulling out all my scraps and quilt squares and looking at starting to piece a quilt together - by machine of course! I am thinking about doing the actual quilting by hand, though.

We have been so blessed in the baby items department! Especially clothes! We've been given so much, that I am going through and choosing a few things to pass on to a few other people who I know are also expecting girls!

That's it I guess here.

Hopefully the next time I meander in to blog, it will be to say that baby is here!