Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today I washed the baby furniture....

What ? I washed the BABY furniture?! 

Yes, I washed the BABY furniture......

Baby Doll Furniture that is !!  Gotcha!  LOL

I just want to say I am so so so thankful to whomever it was that came up with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I am even more thankful for whomever made the dollar store off brand that only costs me $1 to buy and magically removes crayon, dry eraser marker, nail polish, and permanent marker from white Biddy Baby doll furniture.  So thankful I could kiss them!

But I won't. Kiss them that is.

But that is how I spent my day off today.  Cleaning doll furniture and doll houses and princess castles.  And making my princess happy.  Make that BOTH of my princesses happy.