Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Dangerous At TSC Right Now!

Especially if you're a poultry addict like me.

Especially if you have a three year old who's well spoken.

Especially when they have a huge bin of fluffy yellow ducks.  That are cute, if not loud.

Yes, that means we were at Tractor Supply Yesterday.  Yes, it means I brought home chicks, and 2 unplanned for ducks. 

You see, the 2 ducks are NOT my fault. We had talked about and PLANNED for 6-8 chicks, solely for my 3 youngest boys who did not have their own chickens.   We planned for only pullet chicks, so that their chickens could be the "eating egglaying flock" instead of "hatching egg laying flocks".   It was a fool proof plan. 

But dang TSC had ducks, too.   It is totally their fault.

So we're browsing the bins and our 3 yr old of course is with us. The older kids are at school, and this was going to be a surprise for them when they got home. 

Me: you want to pick out a couple chicks?
son: how about we pick out 2 ducks?
me: no ducks, just chicks.
son: I don't want chicks, I want ducks.
me: Chicks, pick chicks.
son: how about chicks AND ducks?
me: Go ask your daddy.

So he runs over to his daddy and our son says, "Daddy, come here and I'll show you what I want".  
Daddy diligently ambles over to the bins.  I do not hear the conversation as I was talking with the employee who was on the phone with corporate getting the proper documentation from them that proves I bought my mallards from their store 2 years ago.

Daddy leaves and our son says to me : Daddy said yes to ducks AND chicks.

Yes, this is where I failed as a parent. Instead of asking my husband if he Okayed the ducks, I took my 3 yr olds word for it.  And if I was truly honest, there was a little part of me that said, "Aw, ducks, we should take 2 home..."

So we got 2 ducks and 8 chicks.  My husband didn't realize we were getting ducks until we were checking out. That is when he says, "I told him no ducks".  


So we leave TSC and head to Pizza Hut for lunch.  

Of course the ducks have to stay in the care, which only created a small bit of drama on sons part. 

After we ate and got back in our car, our son picked up his box of ducks and says to them, in the most caring and loving voice ever, "Are you ok in there? Are you OK?  I think you're ok Little Fellas,  and when we get home you're going to live in a tote!  Right, Mommy?"

Cutest thing ever.  So who could be mad at being suckered into ducks after that?

Not me.

This morning, he woke up and declared that he now needs his own incubator.   I think we're in trouble.