Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ooops! I did it again!

We're on piglet watch, so while waiting I've completely baked the day away, that is!  Today it was pecan and blueberry pies, and since I had made up and refridgerated the dough yesterday,  Apple Pie Cookies

Yes, they deserved a re-visit, and they are once again, the star of the kitchen! They are also quickly becoming my favorite cookies! They have left Chocolate Chip Cookies way back among the crumbs of the cookie starting line. 

I mean, just take a look for yourself!

Now don't those just look perfectly, goldenly, delicious?! I assure you, they ARE!

Do you need a closer look?

Check out those flaky layers!! Wouldn't you just love to bite into those layers, with all that flaky, buttery goodness just melting in your mouth?  And just when you don't think it could get any better, a second bite and BAM!  Mouth watering tarty sweetness of apple with just a hint of cinnamon!  YUM!

Now, you know you want to just run right out to your kitchen and make a batch, right?!

I don't know what's going to be for breakfast at your house tomorrow, but I know what we'll be having!

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  1. Oh those look SO GOOD!!!! Makes my mouth water! I need to make another batch for us....GOOD JOB!!!!!