Monday, January 7, 2013


Today, I got brave.

Today, I said, "I'm going to do it!  Even if it kills me!"  (it nearly did)

Today, I said, "Whoohoo! One whole hour of MOMMY time!"

and with that thought, I dashed off to Zumba.   Zumba went something like this:

5:30 pm Everyone is smiling and chatting, dropping their bags, setting out their bottles of water. Pay their fee.

5:45 pm  Instructor starts the music.  We start moving, kicking our feet.  This isn't so bad. Our instructor has a great smile!!

5:50 pm  It's getting faster, now we're "pushing the air" out of our way, before we step to the side 3 times while throwing our hip out...oh yea, it sure felt like I threw my hip out!!

5:55 pm Bouncing on heals, here we go. Step over cross, bounce 3 times, now the other way step over cross bounce three our Instructor can really bounce!  Thinking I can't wait until I have her energy

6:00 pm  Our instructor says it's going to get faster.  Oh man, she's not lying....why is she still smiling?!  My toes are going numb....and my calves are on fire!

We get a five minute break....oh thank goodness sweet mother of god!!  Suck down half a bottle of water, gauge how far the exit is, wondering if I can make a break for it...The instructor says "ok, time to get moving, girls!  Don't want you to cool down too much!" 

6:05 pm we're back to dancing, kicking our leg out, punching out with the opposite arm. My arms and legs are so numb, doesn't even feel like they're attached to my body anymore.

6:15 pm  My side is cramping, I think I'm having an asthma attack,  and my face is red as a beat.  We're jumping in the air, pounding the "air" with our fists, 4 times on each bladder nearly bounced right out...rushed to the bathroom.

6:20 pm  The smile is getting to me. No one , no normal, sane  being, can smile through all this bouncing, jumping, kicking....what is wrong with her?  I want to punch that smile right off her face.

6:30 pm  Instructor says we're done.  I'm numb.  We have to stretch before we can leave. Stretch? stretch what?  I can't even feel my toes at this point!  My brain is numb as well.

6:45 pm I made it to the car! The cold air feels amazing!! I'm so pumped!! 

Seriously can't wait for the next class...

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