Friday, February 19, 2016

The Walk Through

Here's a quick walk through of the house.  After this, everything will be in real time as we slowly remodel this place.
This is the dining room to the guest bedrooms view from the kitchen area of the home.  That little half wall is half the size, and that glass piece is gone. This happened while we were trying to move our couch into the house, and the space just wasn't big enough - so we cut the wall in half from ceiling to floor after the couch wedged and got stuck.  The dining room windows face the back yard.
This is the view to the kitchen from the dining room. The door to the right side is the main entry we use into the house.  That is the driveway side. That wall is half pantry and half hot water tank space. Beyond that is the laundry room and what used to be a breakfast nook before the previous owners made it a completely separate space by adding more wall and a door.
This is the living room view from the dining room.  I was most excited over the fireplace in the house, until I learned it is gas and NOT wood. We hope to change that up to wood before next winter.

This is the master bedroom. The only changes we've made in this room was using left over Earthy Cane paint. But instead of nice tan walls, the Earthy Cane over the pale yellow looks more like a light gray.
The guest bathroom. The only thing we've done to this room so far is to add towel storage.
First guest bedroom.
Second guest bedroom.

And that's it, the grand tour of the house. One of the things that really drew us to this place was the yard, and all of the gorgeous trees. This is our front yard.
We spent about an hour on a Saturday morning to assemble a nice fire pit from Lowe's in the midst of those trees.
This was the best idea we'd ever had. We've spent hours sitting around a fire in the evenings and sometimes in the early mornings. For the most part, our winter in Florida has felt like early Spring in Ohio. We had a couple days of heavy frost and one day that spit some snow, but the flakes melted as soon as they landed.
 And in case I failed to mention it, we do live on a canal that leads out to the lake. We love it. I will end this post with this photo I took when our neighbor gave us an airboat ride out to the lake.

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