Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When painting goes wrong, yet it works.

Since I was painting the living area, and we didn't have all of our furniture moved down from Ohio yet, we knew it was a good time to just paint the master bedroom. Eventually we'll replace all of the dry wall in there, too, but no way were we going to live in a room with canary yellow walls!

Plus, painting it gave it a fresh, clean look.

What we didn't count on was the paint "changing color" on us. I didn't use the Kilz first in the bedroom. If I had, we'd most likely had the color that it should have been.

We had painted the walls of the living space in our Ohio house Earthy Cane. We had a full can of the color left over, and decided to paint it in the bedroom. Instead of an earth tan-ish color, we ended up with gray walls!



I have to be honest, I think the gray works!!  Once we replace the drywall, I may be looking into a nice gray for our bedroom.

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