Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mid-Week Update - Rain, Rain, Rain, and more Rain

I keep looking for the rainbow - haven't seen one yet!

The animal yards are muddy messes. Grass is green, though!

I would say the growing season is here, but the rain has put everything into growth over drive! Grass sprouts up 6 inches overnight, and makes it near impossible to plant anything in the garden.

We do have potatoes, onions, and garlic planted.

Still have A LOT more to get out there, though!

The beginning of the week, when we had a short lull in the rains, we did manage to get th e garden tilled.

Waiting to go in the ground we have tomatoes (already started), corn, green beans, lettuce (already started), cucumbers, and bell peppers (already started).

Last year, we had potato plants knee high by May 12. Not so this year. Our garden is way behind thanks to the onslaught of earth fluid.

The fruit trees are doing well, with the exception of 1 peach tree that has a blight. We've bought the stuff to treat it, but can't apply it until this rain lets up.

Strawberries are coming along nicely, rhubarb came back from last year, the asparagus patch is taking off, and my blueberry bushes look wonderful!

On Saturday we managed to get some cute 22 week belly pics. I may share those later, but I have to find the cord to my camera first. It was lost in the moving from the old trailer to the new.

Speaking of the old trailer, it's nearly all down! I have pics of the process to share, too, again, as soon as I find the camera cord! LOL

We have saved all the trusses and 2x3's out of walls of the old trailer to build turkey coops! If things continue to go as they are, we should have at least 3 breeds of turkeys by next year - hoping for 4 though! Right now we have Royal Palm Poults and Bourbon Red Poults. This weekend we're getting Narragansett eggs and maybe some Black Spanish eggs.

Have a happy week everyone, and try to stay dry!


  1. Yeah, we are mirroring each other...especially with the rain! I already have my rain post already ready to go for tomorrow. The one thing you got going on that I don't is a baby on the way! LOL!

  2. LOL True, but you could change that! LOLOL I'll be working on my blog post for today later.