Thursday, May 19, 2011

Strawberry Buckets and Mt. Hope

It was super nice out today, so Ernie and I spent most of it outside getting things together for Mt. Hope tomorrow.

We're taking 24 young chicks, 4 started pullets, a pair of call ducks, and these:

Bucket of Strawberries

Ernie and I spent most of the afternoon potting up our extra strawberry plants in hanging baskets and wooden buckets like the one above. We have 4 hanging basketes, 3 small wooden buckets, and 1 large wooden bucket.

I think they're really cute!

We're also potting up 3 of our old fashioned lilac bushes that we transplanted off my adult bushes. The young ones have really taken off and are sprouting out babies of their own.

Plus he has a young red maple and a young silver maple to take, both are potted.

We're leaving fairly early in the morning, so we can get a good set up spot on the main midway. Plan to load up the van tonight so that we can just get in and go in the morning.

It's going to be a pretty busy weekend for us, starting this evening with a special delivery! More details to come later!

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