Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grandma's Last Gift

My Maternal Grandmother passed away this past Monday, June 20, 2011 at 8:10 pm.

I thought her recognizing me when I saw her last Friday was a precious gift.

And it was.

But it wasn't her last gift.

My Aunt Hazel and Uncle Stephen had come up from TN. Aunt Hazel said she had something to give me before I left. I told her I could only stay for a few minutes because I was in a borrowed car and needed to return it ASAP.

Aunt Hazel ran out to her car and brought in a manilla envelope lined with bubble wrap. She starts out by saying, "Your Grandma started to make this and didn't finish it. I thought you'd like to have it."

I opened the envelope and inside was this beautiful green crocheted baby sweater! Started by my grandmother, finished by my Aunt!

My Aunt went on to tell me that there had been 2 unfinished sweaters - this one she brought to me, and a second one that she finished and sent to her son (my cousin) and his wife - who are expecting their first baby in September, too!

I cried - I couldn't help it. And I had just recently got this beautiful little white dress with little pink and green floral patterns on it - the sweater will go perfectly - and I want Baby girl to wear it home.

Even better, the very first baby item I had purchased upon learning about my pregnancy was a tiny crocheted pair of green booties! I have a pair of tights to match the dress, and a bonnet, so her little coming home layette is now complete - thanks to Grandma's Sweater.

Once Baby Girl has outgrown the sweater, I'll hang it up as decor in her room.

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