Monday, October 29, 2012

Extreme Home Makeover - Little Tykes Style Part 1

Since joining pinterest I've found a lot of neat things I want to do, make, try with my kids, or refurbish. 

One of those happens to be re-vamping an old, horribly colored, slightly faded Little Tykes Playhouse.

Our kids have had their playhouse since 2006.  I think.  It was handed down from friends who's child had outgrown it.

There was just one problem.

It  was  is butt ugly.

Our oldest children of course have now outgrown this childhood toy.....but that didn't prevent them from teaching two of their younger siblings how to climb up and jump OFF said playhouse.

Worried for their safety, afraid they may get hurt hurling themselves from the peaks of the playhouse, we removed it from the play yard....and turned it into a temp chicken house.

It has since housed ducks, feeder pigs, goats, and dogs.

Notice the Little Tykes play house to the left?
 There is one thing I can say for Little Tykes toys.  They take a beatin'.  While albeit dirty, the playhouse is still intact, and fully functional.

We're in the midst of rains from Sandy who's currently raging and berating the East Coast, but tomorrow, after some morning obligations are covered, and if the rains cease or ease up enough to allow for it, we will begin the disassembling of the playhouse...and moving the pieces into the garage....where we will sand them down, and after we choose our paint colors, begin the re-painting process. :)

What we hope it will look like!!

I'm really excited to get this project underway! And of course, blog about it!  :)

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