Thursday, March 11, 2010

BIG News, BIG Improvements Nine Years in the Waiting!

I'm actually scared to post the big announcement, because although I'm not normally one prone to believe in jinxing, I'm really afraid I might jinx this.

I know that I've been doing a lot of praying, and so have my friends, that this will work out, because, you know, 9 years is a looong time to not have water.....

Few weeks ago we had a well drilling guy out - and he gave us a quote of $29 a foot. So, just to have a well drilled, capped, and cased - no pump or holding tank and not piped into the house - at the very low side we were looking at $2900 and that's only if he stops at 100ft. If he has to go beyond 100ft, he wants $29 for each additional foot.

We just thought that was outrageously high per foot, but hey, when you need a well.....

Last March we were in a car wreck. We had been advised to get an attorney, so we did. About two weeks ago our attorney called and said the insurance made a very low offer, they felt it was too low, we were to the point of let's just settle. Our attorney told us to just wait - don't give authorization yet to accept offers, let me see what they come back with if I demand a high offer.

The next week she called back, and the offer was more. After fees and medical - we were looking at the exact amount needed to drill the well in pocket - exactly what the well guy said 100 ft well would be.

We told her to take it. We emailed authorization.

Then she called back. They settled for more than what she told us last week.

It's not a ton more, we won't be set for life or anything - but enough to get the well drilled and capped. Maybe.

So, we called another well guy. He told us $2800 for the first 100 feet, and then anything over 100ft is $10 a foot - OMG that's a way better price!

The last guy that was out witched for water and said he'd probably hit water at 55 ft, but would suggest going 110 ft to be safe - to make sure it doesn't bale dry.

Our neighbors have 160 foot well. The guy behind us only has a 35 ft well and my FIL 500 ft up the road has a 140 ft well. None of them have problems with their wells drying up, all have good water flow.

The spot they chose on our property - assuming this new guy thinks it's a good spot, too - supposedly has 5 underground springs running into and through the same spot.

I'm excited - but at the same time holding my breath. This will be our third attempt to get a well, and they say third times the charm...and I'm doing a lot of praying.

Scripture says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His Righteousness...and all of these things shall be added unto you.."

another scripture says "delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desire of your heart.."

Don't ask me where they are, I can never remember the references, but I know they're in there, and I'm telling you, we've been doing our best, but even trying to live a Christain walk has it's ups and downs, and we've found our human side taking over.

But I'm still praying, and I'm holding on to the promise of "the desires of my heart" I mean, if God found a way to give me the short time of owning my beautiful Alpaca - who wasn't a necessity, was just a pet and not a need - then surely God would see this need and desire of water atleast accessible in my own back yard!

I mean, I'm happy if I have to walk out my door and lift a pump handle! at least it would be in my own yard!

I'm hoping that wanting/praying for this well is not being greedy.

So, folks, if you're the praying kind, please pray with us, that this all works out, and that we'll have the money in the promised 4-6 weeks to get our well drilled (or rather, hammered in).

I think 2010 is a year of Promise, and God's promised to care for us. I think I've had to learn to be patient and wait for His timing, and I feel strongly that now is the time.

I will not lie, my biggest worry about living here has been if we have a total economic collapse, and we couldn't get anywhere, how would we get water?? we're set up for everything else, the water on our own property is the last necessity.

AND - this well is really happening!!!! the guys that will be doing the drilling came out Tuesday evening - of course it was right at the time I was supposed to be leaving with the kiddos for our 4-H meeting, but what the heck, won't kill them to be late for 4-H.

Anyhoo - he came out and marked where he wants to put our well.


So, they actually found 2 spots they really like for the drilling, but they said when they come back in 4-6 weeks to commence well making, they'll decide which of the two will be the best spot.

4-6 weeks!!!

Nine years of hauling water - nine years of waiting, trying to get one, not succeeding - it all ends in roughly 4-6 weeks!!!


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