Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Monday.

Ya'll realize that means I went to Auction, right?

Yep, we went.

I took 3 ducklings, the chicken gals that got served their pink slips last week, and some metal chicken waterers that were just hanging around here and not being used. I hate metal waterers.

Everyone brought prices I was happy with, and I'll be seeing a check on Wednesday.

I bought nothing.

Now pick yourselves up off your floors, ok?

I took two baby bunnies down to the local feedstore today, too, and sold them. YAY.

I have three rabbits left. That's it. I had somewhere around 11 rabbits right after Christmas, and we're down to - count 'em - THREE.

My mom wants one of them, the other two will be going to Friday Auction this week at Roger's.

I've also decided that I don't need two color varieties of call ducks. I'm planning to sell the breeding quad of Pastel Calls and keep the Blue Fawn pieds.

That's the plan anyway - we'll see if I actually make myself do it or not.

I think I'm sending all of my Speckled Sussex to my local friend. Maybe my flock of Welsummers, too, and I have this gorgeous pair of Heritage Dominiques that I hatched last spring myself that might be sold.

Thing is, I have been talking/planning to sell those Dominiques since they hatched. I've had no intentions of having Doms, but Dang! if these aren't the most beautiful Dom's I've seen! No wonder Hatchery Dom's never appealled to me! The pair I have are just gorgeous, and well, I don't want them to go to just anyone. I'm hoping to find a Dom enthusiast who'll recognize them for the beautiful birds they are. I think they'd make a great addition to someone's breeder flock.

Shoot. I think I have to keep 'em.

Yesterday I traded 3 ducks for 3 Bourbon Red Turkey hens and a pair of Roman Tufted geese.

We got two Turkey eggs today and the Roman Tufted's were so comfortable in their new surroundings that they engaged in full on PDA....DH came running in and said, "Omg, those new geese of yern are raunchy!"

As much as I had wanted Blue Swedish ducks, I'm beginning to think I wasn't supposed to have them. E V E R. My first pair were stolen from my back yard in '07, and now the pair I have is defective. My Blue Swede Duck either doesn't want, or has no abilities, to lay eggs. Not only that, but when she runs, it's almost like she's running in the special olympics - except it's the duck version of special olympics. She cannot keep her balance when she runs, and she almost seems asthmatic if stressed.

They have until Friday. I know they are playing the mating game, and she sets on a "nest" and pretends she's laid an egg, but dog gone it, if there's no egg by Friday - good bye and hello Auction.

I did put them in a new pen away from all other waterfowl today to see if that helps. My WH duck wasn't laying, either, until I separated her from all waterfowl. So...

I guess that's about it. Dinner is in the oven - BBQ chicken.

Tomorrow it's a day trip to Meyer Hatchery where I'm picking up some Black Copper Maran chicks...and then it's home to get some work done...


  1. Aly--

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, and all of your wonderful prayers for us! Isn't God amazing how He works sometimes, and forces us to be patient?!
    Sounds like you have quite a fun and interesting life up in Ohio! I'm definitely a city girl, but I would like to think I could be a country girl!! =)
    It's so much fun to meet another Aly! I was Aly all my life growing up, but when I met my husband, he seemed to think I needed to be Alyson, and that is what everyone knows me as now! He's not much of a nickname guy. It's fun when people call me Aly--I can pinpoint what time in my life I knew them from!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week--Thanks again for all your prayers!


  2. Hi--I'm hunting you down from Backyard Chickens--hoping you have Buff Brahma Bantam eggs for sale again this year...we were in touch last year about them, on the forum. My blog is . Let me know if you have some eggs to ship!