Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sebastopol Geese at Evening Star Farms

OMIgosh I'm so excited! We acquired Sebbies!

I'm totally thrilled with the new additions to our farm, and even my hubby, who wasn't that thrilled at first, commented on how beautiful they are.

Of course, I had to give him "selling points" to convince him that these Sebbies were a good idea. I showed him egg sales on eBay and showed him how much goslings sell for on average. So, with his "blessing" and strict orders to "sell the eggs" I went and with the help of my dear friend, brought home this beautiful breeding quad of Sebastopols!

Quad of Sebastopols

The one white goose was treated with blue kote because the lady's great pyr pup (who at 7 months old is the size of a pony!) was plucking the feathers out and "flossing" his teeth. That's why she chose to sell the Sebbies. She said she'd rather have sold the pup, but her husband refused to let the pup go, so she chose to let the Sebbies go when she saw that the pup had plucked that gal bald at the shoulders.

Which works out great for me! Here's the blue goose - she's my favorite, and was friend's favorite, too...almost had to pry her out of her arms!

Blue Sebastopol Goose

What was funny, when we got home, I asked my friend, "So, are you going to move out your Embdens to make room for Sebbies?"

She replied, "I dunno, because I have Pomeranians coming in April..."

To which I replied, "Yea, and I have Pilgrims coming in April..."

And you should have seen how fast my husband's head whipped around! He looked at me and exclaimed, "You have Pilgrims coming?! Then you didn't need these geese!"

I said, "Now just wait a minute, you knew I ordered Pilgrims! You were right there!"

He started laughing, so that tells me he was mostly just teasing, but after my friend left he did admit he had forgot I'd ordered Pilgrims.

So, we're discussing setting up hoop houses as geese shelters with pastured runs, so that I can have my geese separated and on grass and I'm planning on kiddie pools for their "ponds".

One of the Sebbies laid an egg yesterday before we picked them up, but so far, no egg yet today. I cannot wait to hatch some babies from these!

Oh and, just for fun, I took this shot of my pair of Blue Swedish. Just couldn't help it. They were standing so nicely, just asking me to.

Blue Swedish Pair


  1. Congratulations, Love your new birds! What are their personalities like? How do you think you'll try to sell the eggs?

    YardFarmer Julie

  2. Thanks, YardFarmer Julie! Right now, they are a little bit wary of me, but they were comfortable enough to walk up to me at feeding time. The Gander is being a little protective right now since they've been mating. They are the quietest geese I've ever met! My Embdens are so loud they could wake the dead!

    The Sebbies barely make any noise at all, and even though the gander is being protective, he didn't chase me down and attack me like my Embden Gander will do. He kept himself between me and his girls and hissed, but that was it.

    I was thinking about putting some of the Sebbie eggs on eBay, they seem to be doing well there. I want to figure out a fair price for Sebbie eggs so I can do private sales as well.