Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday Night Auction = Late Late Night and $2 Calves

Guess who went to a Friday Night Auction??

If you guessed me, you'd guess right! Becca and I hightailed it up to Roger's Auction. It's every Friday night at 6 pm. I took 2 rabbits to sell and Becca took 1 rooster, 3 ducks, and 1 rabbit.

We were very pleased with what our animals went for up there. I mean, the roosters all sell for at least $4 each - except for two LF OEG roos that sold for $50 each!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, they had a lot of baby goaties - bottle babies - E said I was absolutely NOT allowed to bid on goats! He said NO NO NO. He was very serious.

He didn't say anything about not bidding on calves or ducks.

And originally I wasn't going to bid on calves - except I watched two dairy cross bottle baby steers sell for $15 a head. Do you know how cheap that is?!

I looked at Becca and said for $15 I'm getting a calf! then I said "I should really call E first."

Except, Becca's phone was in her car. Shoot. I was trying to decide what to do - do I bid on a calf, and hope he's not mad, or do I continute to beg Becca to go get her phone - she said she wouldn't make it back to the auction area in time - and miss out on a calf all together?

The auctioneer meantime was trying to get bids on Jersey Bull Calves. High bidder would have choice.

No one was bidding. He was down to $1 per calf. PER CALF PEOPLE!

My card went up. I bid.

Someone else bid.

I bid again.

Other person bid again.

Another bid.

I bid again - at $6.

They bid $7 - and I stopped and didn't bid again because I was trying to decide if E would kill me.

I looked at Becca again and said I need to call him.

Auction ended at $7 and the high bidder took 1 calf. The auctioneer looked at me and said, "Would you like one for $7?" I hesitated for a split second, and then said yes. I mean, it's only $7!! and they were beautiful!

Then he asked "would you like two?"

I was dithering, I mean, yea for $7 I wanted two, but what would E say??

Instead of saying yes, I blurted - "I really need to call my husband first!"

The entire auction arena errupted into laughter. The lady infront of us whips out her phone and says, "Here, call him!"

I'm calling E and the auction is continuing. The next calf sold for $9 - still dirt cheap! E answers -

E: hello?
Me: I just bought a calf for $7!
E: We don't need a calf.
Me: But I bought one! for $7!
E: They're only going for $7? Ok.


E: You're in Becca's car! How are you going to haul a calf home?
Me: She has a tarp, we're going to tarp the back (Becca and I had sorta discussed this)
E: What about milk replacer? you don't have any milk replacer here - it's all gone.
Me: We'll stop at TSC for milk replacer

Becca says "TSC closes at 9 or 10"

The Lady who's phone I'm using says - "They sell Milk Replacer here." (and it's at this point that I realize half of the auction arena is very intently listening to my phone conversation to see just how this little drama plays out!)

Me to E: They sell milk replacer here! We'll buy some here on our way out.

Becca to me - Do you want a second calf? They are $2!!!

Me to E: It's only $2 for a second calf - do you want me to do it??

E - Hysterical laughter. Seriously. He's hysterically laughing into the phone - and I'm needing a decision.


E: Still hysterically laughing - I don't care, do whatever. *more laughing* Have fun.

I hang up the phone and shoot my hand up into the air for a $2 calf. The auctioneer says, "Do you want them all? There's only 4 left and they're $2 each."


I excitedly exclaimed, "We're hauling them in the back of a Blazer, I can't take them all!

This resulted in an almost rioteous uproar of laughter.

They added one $2 calf to my other calf.

So we go and pay and then we're loading up everything, and this older couple ask us if we'd like a third calf. They had bought 3 of the $2 calves, but really didn't have the space for the third.

So once again I called E - this was that conversation:

Me: OK, we have two calves in the back of Becca's Blazer -
*more laughing from his end*
Me: Do we want a third one? this lady bought 3 for $2 each and asked if we'd take one for $2. Becca said we could fit it in.
*more laughing*
E: Do what you want, but that means one more calf that we have to feed -
Me: I know! I'm Ok with that.
E: Ok.

So we stuffed a third - although smaller - calf into the back.

The one lady who works at the auction thanked me profusely for taking that third calf. I was sorta confused, and she said that the couple taking those calves don't really take good care of their animals.

I asked what she meant and her reply was, "Well, she says she feeds them.........."

I nearly cried - and it almost made me wish I had taken another calf from her, because she had offered to let me take 2 of her 3.

Anyway, I paid $11 for three Jersey Bull calves - it's not every day a person can say that lol

And, they are beautiful!

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  1. I can just imagine the auction house! Funny! Good for you and credits to you that you are known for taking good care of your animals. I hope you are enjoying them. I came home with a nubian and her kid in the back of my car once. I really enjoyed her. They were going to put her down because the kid had parrot mouth and therefore she didn't fit in with their breeding program. (Ex)husband wasn't too happy about it- guess I should have started connecting the dots then! Pics? Names?