Wednesday, January 18, 2012

De-cluttering and Brooder Boxes

Ok so I haven't kept up very well with the de-cluttering challenge, but I hope I made up for it today!

We cleaned out from under the kitchen sink today - but no I didn't take photos.  It's all wiped down and neatly organized.

The boys room is perfectly spotless, for once. 

Girls bedroom is all clean and organized. Just need to finish the decorating part. I'm hoping to acquire a stuffed animal net tomorrow for all of Squeakers stuffies. 

E will get the crib put together tomorrow, and all that will be left for me to do is place the girls names on the walls. I painted wood letters for both of them.

Both bathrooms have been scrubbed until near sterile and laundry is all caught up.

I also gave away some items today that I either wasn't using or probably wouldn't get around to using.

Less clutter in my house.

Our cleaning lady is worth every penny.

AND, these were picked up and brought home today...

The new brooder boxes for my chick adventures.

I already have a few dozen eggs in the 'bator. We're 5 days in. :)

I also have more eggs on the way.

And Salmon Faverolle chicks, thanks to a friend who made this post reminding me of the value of a Salmon Fav hen!  (and there's a lot of other interesting and helpful learning tidbits on her blog. Seriously, read about the pigs!)

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