Friday, January 20, 2012

Fat Bombs ~ It's what's for breakfast!

Fat bombs, ya say? Fat bombs!  They are the bomb! 

And the newest food craze among my circle of friends - not kidding! 

So what's in that fat bomb?

The ratios, per my friend Temperance who we have to thank for this fabulous snack, are 1:1:1 nut butter, butter (no margarine!),  and coconut butter.   I used 1 c each.

Now if you're like me, you may be thinking "coconut butter? what is coconut butter?"  Exactly my first thought, but it is a REAL butter, and you can find it online here  or if you're lucky, at the local grocer (look hard!)

Thanks to another friend, I was introduced to The Coconut Mama's Blog  and her how to's on how to make your own homemade coconut butter!

But let me just say, as one who tried making the coconut butter with a mini chopper, and it took forever just to get 3/4 c of coconut butter, you definitely only want to attempt this if you already own a food processor.  As it is, we'll be going shopping and I'll own a food processor by next week. 

After I creamed together my nut butter, butter, and coconut butter, I then loaded the creamy mixture down with crushed pecans, coconut flakes, and dark chocolate chunks.  Spooned it all into an 9x9 brownie pan and set it in the fridge over night.

This morning we cut it for breakfast. 

The kids scored it at a perfect 10.

My husband tried a bit and said it "wasn't the greatest" but I noticed he didn't leave a single dab on his plate.  I told him we'll play with the fillers of fruits and nuts and see what he likes best (I'm totally thinking dried bananas and raisins here!) And I think next time I'll try drizzling chocolate over the top or dipping them in a chocolate.

So that's the long and short of it here....

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