Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We're 3 days in..

Three days into the new year.  I have spring and build it fever bad.  Really bad.

I've already placed a chick order for February.

I have a started pair of Mille Fleur Cochins (project color) coming next week.

I have not told my husband.

I got new overalls, matching jacket, socks, hat, and gloves, and the book Chicken Coops with 45 different coop plans (many I wasn't impressed with).

I have a pallet that our new wood burner came in on. Not big, maybe 2x4 max??  I am working on a mini-coop plan for it. I'm inventorying my stockpile of lumber tomorrow.

I need January to be over.  Now.

We're 3 days in.

Three days close to spring.

Three days closer to new chicks.

Three days.

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