Monday, December 17, 2012

Infernal Icicles

I will get straight to the point - I loathe tinsel.   I do not find it pretty.  Not.  At.  All.

I find it to be messy, annoying, and it irritates the dickens out of me to be picking up those infernal strands of shiney silver slivers (say that three times fast - I dare you) when it's Fourth of July.

Those lethal silver shards of metallic plastic haven't been in my house for years.  Until this year.   Now that retro classic of Christmases past graces my tree....and I'm cringing everytime I look at my disco ball wannabe of a tree.  *shudders*

It's my friend D's fault. All.  Her.  Fault.

It started with the delivery of cookies and pies.  To D's house.  We sat down to a friendly and lively chat over coffee....and the youngest of the littles discovered the icicles hanging from the pine branches draped down D's stair railing. 

I'm convinced it was a conspiracy. 

So while D and my sweet husband raved on about how great that crinkly crap is, Squeakers was walking around, draping the pieces that had been knocked to the floor onto the pine branches where she thought they should be.

And loving it.

Thus ended the Tinsel Drought.   

This morning, my husband talked me into picking up tinsel.   He then said in his cute-I'm-talking-to-the-baby voice "tell mommy you want tinself" to Squeakers.  Sink me.   That man just knows how to melt my heart. Every.  Time.

It also helped their mission that tinsel was on sale. For 50 cents.  They got 2 packs.  Two packs of 2000 silvery shards that I will be picking up until next Halloween.  Craptastic. 

But I must admit, she was absolutely adorable and it kept both her and our youngest son occupied for HOURS.  Tinsel may have just found a way to redeem itself.....

I might be convinced to buy extra packages to put back for next year. 

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  1. Awwww, how sweet. I LOVE Tinsel!! It makes everything so shiny and sparkly! GREAT pictures....