Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random stuff

I picked up cranberries today.  Not to cook, not for any kind of edible dish, but to string. With popcorn.  Originally I thought we'd hang our string of popcorn and cranberries outside on a tree. To feed the birds.  I think we're going to hang it as a garland on our tree in the house instead.

I got a few more gifts wrapped today.

Want to know how to upset a four year old?  Tell him he can't watch you wrap presents.  Instant melt down.

This is the box I chose to wrap my Secret Santa gift in. I am mailing it out tomorrow, and I hope the mom I'm sending it to enjoys what's inside!

This girl has had way too much fun playing with ribbons and bows on the presents I wrapped.
For dinner I made homemade panini's. I don't like mine cut in half, and we use provolone instead of mozzerella.  It's nom nom nom.
The kids are now settling down for the night. Count down to vacation has begun, and I'm not entirely sure who's more excited, the kids or me?
Earlier today a local Amish friend was up to put his horses in our pasture.  They're logging across the road from us (which DH says will mess up the hunting for next weekend) and needed a place for their horses to stay close by the next 2 weeks.  They've offered to bring enough hay to feed our animals as well as his horses as payment for allowing his horses to stay here.   DH agreed, so they're here.  HUGE draft horses.  The one named Barney has hooves as big as my head!!
Thankfully, they should only be here a week or so, so it's all good.
Just a few more gifts to wrap and the work bench for the boys to finish, and then we're ready for Christmas!

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