Saturday, December 15, 2012

What I believe happened in Heaven yesterday....

The messenger approached the Father, in reverent adoration.  "Father, they will be arriving soon."
"Yes," replied Father. "Please tell Son I'd like Him to meet them, bring them to the Great Hall.  I want the milk and honey on tap."

"Yes, of course, but Sir," the messenger glanced in direction of the gate. "Your Son is already there, waiting."

Father lifted His gaze toward the pearly gate, glistening, and there indeed was His Son, waiting.  "Very good.  I should have known He would be waiting, without haste. I will see you in the Great Hall?"  It was more a statement than a question.  The messenger nodded his agreement as he watched Father prepare to open The Book.  The messenger slipped out towards the Pearly Gate, just as trumpets began to sound, one at first, then another and another, and soon the entire Heavens were filled with the crescendo of a hundred thousands trumpets, announcing the arrival. 
The Son stopped His pacing before the gate, and turned just as it began to open.  An Angel stepped through, nodded, and moved to the right.  Behind him, eighteen small children walked in a single file line, awe filling their faces.

The Son dropped to one knee, spread open His arms, and simply said "Come."  The children didn't hesitate, they broke their formed line and ran to The One who offered comfort.  The Son wrapped His arms around as many of the children as He could, angels pressed in around them, finishing the circle. 

"Welcome, Dear Ones." Tears glistened in the Son's eyes, but His smile beamed at the children. "We have been expecting you.  My Father has prepared a great feast in your honor, so let us go and find your seat at the banquet table."

"Will our parents be there?" a small voice asked.  

The Son pulled the small child to Him. "I am sorry, not yet.  Your parents are still on the Earth, for their work there is not done. We have sent the very best of our Comforting Angels to help them, to be with them, and guard them.  Do not fret, Little Ones, we have not forgotten those still on Earth."  He smiled again, and looked around the group of little ones. "I do believe your teacher will be there."  Smiles lit up their faces, and excited chatter passed through the group.  "Come, let us go see."

They began their walk toward the door of the Great Hall, the messenger led the way, while the Son walked admist the children, smiling and chattering with them. 

Suddenly the Heaven's shook.  Thunder rumbled, lightening flashed in the Great Sky, and a booming voice filled the Heaven's as judgement was pronounced. 

"What was that?"  The children asked. 

The Son looked at them, a grave expression on his face, and He replied, "Judgement, for the one who brought you here. Come, we will think of him no longer. Let us continue to our feast." 

They had just made it to the door, when the trumpets began again.  The Son lifted His gaze to the messenger, who shook his head.  

"Children, continue on, I will be there in just a bit."  He ushered the children toward the door, and motioned the Angels to settle them at the Banquet Table.  

He rushed back to the gate, as two more children were escorted through the Gates.  He wept as He again dropped to His knee and swept the two children into His arms. 

"You are safe, Little Ones, safe. "  He smiled into their sweet little faces. "No one will ever hurt you again. Come, while it is a grievous event that brings you to us, we must celebrate your arrival.  Precious Children, come."

He stood and took them both by the hand, leading them to the Great Hall, where the other children waited.  

Soon they were all settled into their seats, and The Father joined them.  Suddenly, the Hall filled with a chorus of Angels.   They broke into song, singing first "Jesus Loves the Little Children" quickly followed by "This Little Light of Mine" and others.   

Moses entered the Hall, saw the sight before him, and wept with joy. "Welcome, welcome dear children!" 

Other inhabitants of Heaven began to pour into the hall, welcoming the children, hugging them, kissing them, assuring them that they were forever safe, and no one would ever harm them again.  After the greetings, a prayer of Thanksgiving and Rejoicing was said to the Father, and the Great Feast Began. 

The table was laden with every food imagineable, and every child's favorite dish was served as well.  It was a time of Great Celebrating, and all traces of tears and sadness were wiped away.


  1. oh my goodness, that is so beautifully written aly. can i share it? it expresses my beliefs as well. gave me chills and brought tears.

  2. Beautiful, Alycia :) But don't forget their teachers....that 27 year old girl was barely out of her own childhood....

  3. Very beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes.