Friday, December 30, 2011

Drool - it's serious business!

Isn't she just the most precious baby girl?

I do not remember my other babies drooling as much as Squeakers does.  I also do not remember them teething at 3 months, but behold, Squeakers is doing just that!  

Bibs are a permanent part of her attire now, another something that wasn't used much with my other babies.....

and those fingers are never far from her mouth!

The drool smiles are the best!


  1. Just want to eat her up! Sam, my Grandson is the champion of droolers! I wash more bibs, than diapers and we change his clothes more often, because his top is soaked more often than his bottom! LOL

  2. That was beautiful! Thank you for writing that! (saw you through fat boms on Cheeseslave's comment, lol!)

    1. Uh, I meant that comment to go with the post about your husband being romantic, ha ha ha!

    2. I'm so slow replying to comments!! I just today saw yours here! Thank you!! :)