Monday, November 5, 2012

And so it begins......

A couple days ago, while looking for local group pages on facebook with things for sale, I stumbled across this little gem!

Can you believe I got this cute little desk for only $15!!!!  Well, I did!!  It is just the right size for what I wanted!!  The couple who sold it to us were as sweet as could be!!  I was a little afraid to tell them at first what my intentions for this sweet desk were, but they assured me it wasn't a family heirloom that they were letting go....then he said it was his as a kid!  LOL  I told them my plan anyway to convert it to a kid's work bench/tool bench and I think their interest was peaked!  At least maybe a little bit. :) 

We picked up these hooks for the peg board I'll be attaching to it. This way the boys will be able to "hang" their tools.  Also picked up new drawer pulls, as I don't think the white knobs look too "work bench-y". (Ok I might have made that word up.)    The first three are small black ones for the three drawers going down.  The last one on the right is a bigger one for the big drawer.  I didn't actually NEED that bigger one, but it looks like a "drill bit" in the middle, so I had to splurge!

At first I thought I'd have to buy a full sheet of peg board and cut it down, but was so thankful that we found small sheets for less than $5!  I'm telling you, I was (am still) so excited!!

I also picked up 3 1x2x8's to use for framing up the peg board. 
So far, the cost break down looks like this:

  • one Small desk - $15
  • one 3/16"x'2'x4' -$4.92
  • one package of 1/4" 27 pcs peghook - $5.64
  • one 3 3/4" twisted pull - $6.97
  • three 3" c/c wire pull - $1.97 ea = $5.91
  • 1/2 pint enamel flat black paint - $4.89 
  • other paint already have on hand (leftover from other projects).
So the total cost incurred for this project is $43.33!!  

List of tools used will come later! 

I'm really excited to start this project, and I just don't know how I'm going to wait until Christmas to give it to my boys!!

Stay turned for part 2!!!

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