Saturday, November 24, 2012

Simple Small Business Saturday...

Today, I wrapped the first gift of the season.
I really ENJOY wrapping gifts. I just LOVE it. 

This first gift has actually been here, in a plain white box, for several weeks.  It's nothing extra fancy, just a small something that I thought my dear sweet husband would like for his "man cave".  ;)  Best of all, it was purchased from a small local business.

Then I finished hanging my "primitive" Christmas decor.  I just love the look of the old stockings mixed with the woodsy birdhouses.  And what's Christmas Decor without some gingerbread and moose?

Stockings were brought out, and for now, laid under the tree until I find the hooks for the wall.
This child carried her stocking everywhere this morning. She cracks me up.

 Mid morning my husband and I had a "date".  I think I like morning dates!  It included some hand holding, walking through the little local village for the 44th annual craftshow, a stolen kiss, short tour of the Opera House, hot chocolate to wash down pulled pork sandwiches, and some shopping.
I bought a small gift for a dear friend out in Indiana. :)   Here is the promised sneak peek, but since I know she reads this blog, I can only show a small piece.....

 I am working on the tags for her gift, and will have to find that oh so perfect box and wrap it up before shipping.  I think I have to finally confess that I do oh so love this time of year....and I just cannot wait to send this gift!
 My dear sweet husband also purchased an early birthday gift for me, with the promise of a birthday outing later. 
I love how simple and sweet and prim it is.

Over all, it was a delightful, simplistic day.  I'm really finding joy in the simple things! 


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  1. LOVE your shelf....beautiful! I too love the primitive's. And just look at that sweet Angel, carrying her stocking. SO CUTE!!!