Monday, November 26, 2012

Just So You Know... is not perfect here.  

I'm not a perfect mom, or a super mom.  There's always a the house and just when I think I have every mess cleaned up, I turn around to another one. 

Life with six children is not easy. An adventure, oh yes, easy heck no.  

We seem to get compliments every where we go in regards to how well behaved and polite our children are.  Of course they are well behaved because they want to live to see tomorrow we tend to be very strict.  They are, though, still children.  Moldeable,  but with minds of their own.  No puppets on a string here (darn).    They do not always listen.

Some days I need to be reminded that they are not demon spawn still children.  

Like today. 

Today is the first day of deer season.  Which means, for this week, I'm virtually a single parent.  Everything falls on me while my sweet husband and his buddies are out searching for that elusive "big one" that will give them that spot among the Boone and Crockett Trophy bucks.  The big one that "just got away" is still out there. Somewhere.   

Today means the first day of 5 am wake ups.  For some unknown reason, the kids think just because WE are up at 5 am they should be, too.  Which means quiet, early morning kid free coffee is interrupted.  Requests for breakfast, before the sleep is even rubbed from my eyes, begin five minutes later and quickly followed with "can we play the DS?".  They are repeatedly told to go. back. to. bed.

Did I mention they did not go back to school today?  They are STILL on Thanksgiving break. Mostly, because there are teen students who also hunt with their dad's and friends. 

Add to the morning two "hunting buddies" show up and this adds to the chaos.  

I am fairly certain my kids plot out their game plan. I am pretty sure they have roundevous points and code words and plans A, B, and C mapped out for every time someone shows up to visit, when they want something, or when they are just being flat out nosey.  They have no fear of spankings,  no real concern for any repercussions in our home. At school, they're absolutely terrified that they will have to change their "green" card to "yellow".  

I want to know what Black Magic the public teachers possess that a simple CHANGING OF A COLORED CARD puts more fear into a child than a potential spanking or loss of an electronic gaming system?! 

This morning continued on, and by 8 am we had some bickering over matchbox cars, someone coming out to tattle, and yet more someones just wandering around the kitchen to be nosey.   Eggs were put on for breakfast and the kids were told to "knock off the bickering and play nice, and to share".   This was ignored, so I tromped back to their room and said "play nice, or go to bed while I throw all your toys away".  This worked.  One kid starts picking up the room, another starts picking up their dirty clothes that just spontaneously combusted everywhere, and the youngest continued on with their play. 

As I sat down to sip coffee and read a message on FB from a friend while the eggs finished cooking, I hear the tell tale sign of glass breaking. 

I asked, "What was that?!"
My third child replies, "A glass thing fell, and then I broke it."  

The only "glass thing" that was in the room where he just came from, that he wasn't supposed to be in, was my storm window to my laundry room, leaning against a wall where my husband and I had placed it.   "It fell and then I broke it" translated to "It fell over so I just walked on it".  

What happened next, after I leaped from the couch and in total disbelief stared down at the shattered glass still in it's metal framing, can only be described as an out of body experience.

I KNOW I opened my mouth to scold him, to mete out some affordable punishment that was worthy of such an atrocity.   What came out of me I can only liken to sounds you read about in books, or see in movies. 

A  blood curdling, uneatheral sound emanated from my lips.  I could feel the vein in my forehead pounding as all of the blood in my body rushed to my head.   I had been pushed to my limits for the day, and it was just barely 8:30 am.   

My son stood there, like a deer caught by headlights.  I'm fairly certain I fit every grotesque monster imagined in fairy tales and scary stories.  I had transformed into Medusa before his very eyes, and he couldn't avoid looking at me. 

An eerie silence followed the ending cacophany of my scream.  I'm not totally sure how long the scream lasted, but I felt it's tremblings reverbete through my entire body, and saw it resounding in my young sons eyes. 

Over a broken window.   Our first ever broken window. 

If my husband hadn't baggd a deer today, it would have been no doubt, 100% my fault, since I'm fairly certain the sound I had the potential to scare off any and all game. 

The kids quietly finished putting away their laundry, then crawled back into their beds while I picked up the broken glass.   I then returned to finish their mostly over done eggs, called them out to eat their breakfast, and poured myself another cup of coffee with a side of tylenol. 

Well, I DID say I wanted to make memories.....

I also want to point out that by the time I wrote this out, and read it to my husband, we were both laughing hysterically.  By dinner time, we were all laughing over mom's transformation into a Greek Mythology villian.  Windows can be replaced, it just wasn't a planned expense.

Thankfully, the day did get better.  Infact, I'm fairly certain this has been one of our best days yet.  HA! I bet that statement surprises you!  

About 11 am this morning my husband got a doe!  First day of the season, and he bagged one!  This is a rare, and somewhat celebrated, event here.  I almost thought it was a faux pas as it is more common for him to get one the last day, last hour of the season.  Not prior to noon on the first day of the season!  Still, we are eternally grateful, and thankful, that we have this doe hanging and waiting to be processed.  We are not so patient as to wait for tomorrow...

Fresh, venison tenderloin browned in bacon grease. Nom nom nom.
I did get the salt dough ornaments made and dried. The kids and I watched cartoons together while the ornaments were drying.  Then we painted some before bed.

I also found a "just the right sized" box in which I cocooned my friend Debbie's gift.  I have had a blast putting this gift together for her, and I cannot wait to send it out.

All wrapped and ALMOST ready to send!  Finishing touch will be added tomorrow!!
I hope everyone else had a great day, filled with wonderful not so planned memories!

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  1. Medusa! ?? HAHA! Oh, I can see SOMETHING peeking out of the package!! Dang, can't see enough! Grrr, is it in the mail yet?? Hu?? hu?? I am so impatient! LOL
    I am so glad no one was hurt with the broken window.....and congrats on the Doe!! Meat for the freezer....exciting!