Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wet Paint (work bench part 2)

I didn't get much accomplished with the work bench today. It's been a busy day with making sure we voted and getting promised packages mailed out.
I did manage to get the two top drawers painted with their first coat. 
I put the door pulls in an empty jelly jar, just in case we can use them for a later project...like possibly cabinet doors on a play kitchen?!

I already had this blue paint on hand.  I think it's a lovely shade of Robin Egg Blue.  My husband thinks it's a bit "wild". :)

What do you think?


I didn't sand the old paint off first.  My husband, who knows more about these kind of things than I do, said he didn't think I'd need to.  I was happy to test his theory out, as that saves some work and means faster completion of this project!

I should have most of the painting done tomorrow, and then we'll begin the assembling! 

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