Monday, October 14, 2013

Algonquin Mill Festival

 On Saturday we loaded up our crew + 1 and headed out to Algonquin Mill.  One of my favorite things about October is there is a fall festival every weekend with a lot of craft vendors, food, and genuine good, clean fun for the whole family.

Our friend L, from Ewenique Fibers, was also there - spinning wool into yarn on a spinning wheel. 

 They had an activity for the kids - making friendship bracelets using a method called Kumihimo, which is a Japanese form of braiding.  Kids had a lot of fun, even if the adults stepped in to help speed things along lol.  Each left with a bracelet they had crafted themselves.


 After making their bracelets the kids visited and fed the group of Shetland Sheep temporarily housed in a wagon and cattle panels.

Steam powered bottle rockets. They flew fairly far, too!  People were ducking to avoid being hit in the head with 20 oz and 2 liter pop bottles!

We watched some lard being rendered.  We purchased 4 gallons of the freshly rendered yard for our own use. I cannot wait to make some pie crust with it!

Kettle of Apple Butter!!

Friend B and our kid crew! (notice the bucket of lard!)

We watched the Chandler dipping candles.  I remember doing this on a field trip to Zoar when I was in second grade.

Even though we keep bees in our own backyard, the kids were thrilled with this display, and immediately picked out the queen on the frame. 
Finding the Queen

 The black smith was making a button hook for a customer. 

He has a very hot job! 

We strolled up the hill to see the saw mill run from a steam Engine in action....

 but they were having some technical difficulties at the moment and not running..

But the kids managed to get a piece of shingle lumber and stamped it with the Algonquin Mill stamp.  They were thrilled.

Then it was on to the Paulette Fur Company where I may or may have not done some early Christmas shopping for 4 boys....

 There was a barn full of crafters and vendors, but we were not allowed to take any photos inside. I may have snuck this one in anyway..

We had a full, fun, busy weekend!  The week is going to follow suit, with baking, brunch with friends, and another fall festival this coming up weekend!