Sunday, October 13, 2013

Picking Pumpkins

We took the kids to a local grower to pick their pumpkins for the pumpkin decorating contest at our fall party.

We firmly believe in supporting local, so we drove to my old stomping grounds 15 minutes from here and did just that.

Don't these look like little geese?  Loved 'em!

mini pumpkins and Indian corn!
 Her pumpkin selection was wonderful!

The kids were thrilled to pick their own pumpkin!

As we were finishing up picking out the large pumpkins to either be decorated or used as decor at our party, the owner told the kids they could each choose a mini pumpkin or gourd as her gift to them.  This sent the kids into an excited frenzy as they raised to the tables to pick theirs out.

This girl was thrilled with her little white pumpkin.

I loved her selection of Indian Corn and dried grasses and flowers.  I brought home some Indian Corn and mini pumpkins to decorate our tables, plus some dried wheat, dried sea oats, and dried flowers.

After we were done picking our pumpkins, we drove to the local lake park to scavenge pine cones for our fall party.

I love these kids so much!!