Thursday, October 31, 2013

Carving Up Pumpkins...

Not carving in your traditional sense of carving, but hollowing them out and feeding the guts to the chickens and saving the seeds for planting next year.  So I guess we were technically "gutting" pumpkins. We didn't carve designs into them as the kids had painted them a couple weeks ago (and it's Halloween today and I just don't like stuff hanging around once the holiday they're for is over so...)

It was messy but a lot of fun.   The kids mostly enjoyed throwing the pumpkin guts to the ducks and chickens and watching the poultry "football" for the best pieces of pumpkin meat. 

This Mille Fleur Cochin girl thoroughly loved the treat.

Throwing treats to the chickens always gets Squeakers started on "I need to the chickens" and she grabs the first thing she can find (in this case a blue bucket) to fill up with grasses and then throws them ot the chickens. 

I do think it's absolutely adorable!  She's so adamant that she needs to feed "her chickens", and at first wasn't too keen on welcoming Big Brother's help.

There may have also been a small - ok huge - meltdown when we told her it was time to go in and "put up the chickens". 

Today the kids are dressing up in the costume of their choice (though we still aren't sure which costume Squeakers is going to go with..she keeps going back and forth between Doc McStuffins and  a princess) and spend the evening with good friends at Trunk or Treat.

Have a safe Halloween!

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