Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Ends

I can scarcely believe how fast this year is just flying right on by.  Wasn't Summer just here?

The last weekend of September was a very busy one for us. Friday was spent baking and preparing a cake for the United Peafowl Convention being hosted by our friends at Louden Farms.

 We had a lot of fun at the Convention.  The kids played football all day and there was sooo much food!  Everything was wonderful, but getting to visit with our friends was the best part.

And I am probably the only person I know who goes to a Peafowl Convention and comes home with a pair of Pekin Ducks. ;)

Sunday we spent the whole day on yard clean up.

So this....

Went to this....

my boys being great helpers!

and eventually became this by Tuesday..

There's still some more clean up to be done, but already there's a huge improvement.  We also have plans to start building a coop like this.
To house the young bantams I have growing out to start.  These ones pictured belong to my friend Jen Louden and the one my DH is standing next to houses her beautiful flock of Lavender Ameraucanas.

Tuesday evening my parents came over and we had an impromptu cookout.  We're not sure how many nice evenings will be left for bonfires and s'mores, so we made the most of it. Until the mosquitoes drove us into the house.

Overall it was a great weekend and a great start to the week/month!

Happy October!

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