Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Madness

I feel like we spent all of this Monday in the car.   Between Auction, picking up my check, and getting our oldest off to Cross Country training, plus the mandatory athletic meeting for parents and students.

We snuck in a little bit of school supply shopping while we were out today, too.  I am so glad that I saved everything they hadn't used up last year.  It has saved us a lot of expense for this year.  It still irritates me that they expect us to send baby wipes, shaving cream, paper towels, and clorox wipes ontop of the "normal" box of tissues.  The year they put toilet paper on the school list is the year the school regrets messing with this mom.  I'm so over these ridiculous lists of things.

I digress.

This morning in prep for Auction I hammered out - ok not really, I rolled them out - lemon filled and strawberry filled fry pies.  YUM.

I took 6 regular pies as well as the 13 fry pies, and am very pleased with the sale.  It seems that not everyone is happy with me each week, because I was asked where the cookies were. Sigh. Maybe next week. 

Then we cheated for dinner, since we were rushing and had to get DD to Cross country training, so we ran into Wendy's for a quick bite.  They were extremely busy, and sorely understaffed, but it seemed all of the customers were understanding and patient.

Spent this evening researching local churches in our area, continuing our journey in finding a church home.  I think we've found one, or at least I found one that I want to "try on".  Mt. Shiloh Baptist Church.  It's only about 15 minutes from us, depending on how fast E drives LOL I'm hopeful this Church will be a good fit for us. One of the things that appealled to me right off is the Pastor and his wife have a large family! Sunday school starts at 9:30 am, but with all E's back issues and not being able to sleep well at night, I think we'll start with the 10:30 am services.  E seems agreeable to the idea, so I'm allowing myself to get excited for Sunday! :)  We really need this!

For my friends who are also prayer warriors, please remember us in your prayers as we search for our permanent Church Home/Family.


  1. Um, what is the shaving cream for? At school?

  2. Cleaning desks. I am not even kidding.