Sunday, August 12, 2012

Savoring Sunday, with a Good Book!

We visited a small local congregation this morning.  It was such a wonderful Sunday morning experience. A simple, yet meaningful morning of fellowship.

Just what we needed.

Even E commented about how the message touched him today.  A first I've ever heard him say that a sermon affected him in anyway!

We're definitely going back, we were a little sad to have the services end and to head back home.

We just can't wait for next Sunday

Meanwhile, I've closed out this Sunday by finishing off the book  Touching the Sky by Tracie Peterson.   I do feel a teeny bit of guilt, rushing through reading this book (if you call 2 weeks rushing it) since I had already started MaryLy Tyndall's Veil of Pearls (and I feel like I'm cheating on my book!), and haven't finished it yet.  But, Touching the Sky is a borrowed copy and I feel it's best to return borrowed books as soon as possible. Especially when I tend to get confused on which book is actually mine, and which I've borrowed!  Veil of Pearls, on the other hand, is my own (signed - I love you MaryLu!) copy to read at my leisure. 

And read it leisurely I will! 

Touching the Sky is definitely one I'll have to add to my collection, though, as it's one I can see re-reading over and over. 

These women who are fawning all over the book Fifty Shades of Grey....yea, read Touching the Sky.  Captain Reid will show you a TRUE romantic gentleman!

No, I am not one who writes reviews for books, but I shouldn't be shy in telling you when I've read a good one.  I also think it's important that women, and young girls (teens especially) know that there are good romantic stories out there, without the erotica.   And no, I haven't read 50 Shades.  I don't need to, nor have the desire to. 1) I have all the romance I need with my own husband and 2) I have books by MaryLu!

Except, I will be honest an admit that when I first read MaryLu Tyndall's Legacy of the King's Pirates, my first reaction was, "Whoa!  That's borderline risque for Christian romance!"  At the same time, it - being The Redemption - was one of the best reads ever, and I must confess that I nagged my BFF Becky for her copies of the much so that she finally, finally, handed them (being the entire triology) over.  Oh, c'mon they were out of print!!  Her copies were the ONLY ones available!!

So who needs 50 Shades or Magic Mike when at any given time I can draw a warm bath, and take my choice from any of the Christian Romance books off my book shelf by authors Janette Oake (have almost all of hers, too), MaryLu Tyndall, Tracie Peterson, Cathy Marie Hake (if you haven't read her Serendipity I highly suggest it! That and Letter Perfect and Bittersweet.  Bittersweet made me cry!) and several other authors who's names escape me right now.

So this Sunday has been a wonderful day, and I'm sure there's more I  could talk about, but I hear a book calling my name...

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