Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer is almost over !!

It's hard to believe in just a little over 2 weeks 4 of my brood will be back to early mornings, book bags, and homework.

I've been thinking ahead to what activities I can do with our youngest son while his older siblings are at school.  He really wants to go to school, too, but he one more year before he's old enough.  Last year we had problems with him sneaking out the door and following his older siblings to the bus each morning.  I'm telling you, it is not fun manually hauling a 3 year old from the bus to the house, kicking and screaming and insisting he should be going, too.

So as the flurry of "back to school" begins, I'm left thinking how fast time goes.  It seems just yesterday my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world, and this year we welcome her into the world of Jr. High.  Mom isn't quite ready.

Our summer has been filled with a lot of fun, good memories, and we don't plan to stop as we head into fall. 

July was an especially busy month for us, and I can scarcely believe we're nearly a week into August.
July included:

Celebrating our country's Freedom/Birthday with Family and Friends

Truck pulls at the fair

Setting up a swimming pool for the kids

Harvested  from our garden

Had  Mickey Mouse themed birthday party for our youngest son.

We opened the bee hives (and this truly deserves it's own post)

We made chocolate chip cookies (and yes I used my awesome kitchen aide mixer!)

Our youngest learned to pull herself up, stand, and now walks with assistance..

And I think the highlight of July for the whole family, was our trip to Louden Farms to visit our dear friends Jennifer and Jay for family fun and fellowship!

So I think now I'm all caught up to August, and this first week has already been a busy, but full of God's blessings, week. ;)

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!

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  1. May your next two weeks be made of great memories.