Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Barter Queen Strikes Again???

Originally, this blog was just going to be titled "Cookies" as that's what I've been baking today.  That, and I'm working on fry pies.   But then something happened. 

I'd like to say what happened was purely Divine Intervention.  I mean, I spose we could say it was, because if it hadn't happened, then this blog post wouldn't be happening. 

So what happened?

I ran out of eggs. 

Now stop laughing, something as simple as running out of eggs may not be a big deal in YOUR home, but's right up there with the zombie apocalypse and world wide catastrophes in ours. 

We consume/use no less than 12 dozen - yes, 12 DOZEN - eggs a week.  Well, what did you expect?  We do have a small army of children here.  Trust me, they can eat.
Plus, almost every cookie recipe I make calls for 2-3 eggs, and so do the Pecan and Pumpkin pies.  So eggs are a must have.

Although in worst case scenarios I COULD substitute applesauce for eggs.  IF I had applesauce.

So this meant turning off the oven, stopping in mid-cook of breakfast, and driving 3 miles to the local grocery.  Oh the horror!!  We live in a small town, so when I say "drive to the grocery"  I am meaning drive to the local place to pay horrendeous prices.  Prices that make you feel like you're the vicitim of a prison shower gone wrong (not that I'd know what that is like, but I've heard stories).  

I had done a quick perusal of my baking stash, and decided it would bode well to also pick up a few other supplies. Even if it is only 3 miles, we like to make trips count.

We get into the store and every Amish man and his Cousin who is also his brother in law and second  uncle twice removed is there.  (ok, that might be a stretch)  I was in a bit of a hurry, so I skirted around the Amish (mostly to avoid questions as to if we're willing to do taxi no) and booked down the dairy aisle and grabbed 6 dozen eggs.  Down the baking aisle, grabbed the 3 things I needed from there, and scooted to the check out.

Seriously, the whole town must have been shopping there.  One register open, and really I'm not the most patient I'm tapping my

The store manager steps up and opens register 2.  My husband nudges me and we move over to register 2 and check out process begins.  The following conversation ensues:

Manager, as he's scanning my 10lb bag of flour:  This is more flour than I'd probably use one time in my whole life!
Me: yea, well, I have 6 kids.
Hubby: She really wanted a 25 # bag but you don't carry that.
Me: 50 #'s would be even better.
Manager, after his head was done snapping back and forth between us:  What kind of flour do you usually buy? 
Me: All Purpose
Manager: I have a store outside of Cambridge and we sell in bulk, and I sell a pastry flour.
Me: In 50 # bags?!
Manager: Yep.  It's a bulk store and a meat and cheese store. We sell everything in bulk.
Me: even the meats?
Manager: yep.
Hubby: I guess we'll be heading to Cambridge!
Me: Oh yea!
Manager, about to go down the list of what he has in bulk:  Sugar, we carry oats in bulk -
Me (interupting):  Oats?!  I use oats!  In my monster cookies and oatmeal raisin and no bakes (and I was also thinking to feed the chickens lol)

The conversation continued on for a bit, and I told the manager that I bake and then sell my baked goods. HIS reply to that was, "Really?!  We used to have people who would bake for us and sold their baked goods in our store.  No one is doing that now." 

AND here is where the BARTER happened.  The manager says "Maybe we could work out a barter, baking supplies for baked goods in our store to sell." 

I cannot tell you when I've been more exited!!!  SERIOUSLY!! 

Divine intervention?!  It had to be! We've talked to this guy A LOT at the local store, and never knew he owned his own Bulk store (that his wife runs).  Never would have had this conversation if I hadn't needed eggs!  Or if I hadn't picked up that 10 lb bag of flour.

So we're planning a visit to the bulk store soon.  Meanwhile, I'm still baking. Cookies. Which what I was originally GOING to post about..and share a recipe for Chocolate Mint Cookies...but I guess that will have to wait for the next blog post.


  1. Awesome!!! I would so barter if you lived closer.

  2. That is awesome! I have yet to find anybody in my area that doesn't look at me like I have a third eye when I suggest barter. I could totally trade baked goods for supplies - oh, wait, the baked goods probably HAVE to be edible, don't they?!? That rules me out! :)

    1. We love a good barter around here! As for the baked goods being edible, yeah, that's a plus! LOL The one time I skipped taking my cookies and pies to the auction, they almost lynched me!!!

  3. Completely deserving of a lynching. I can say this with honesty as I know your pies and fry pies are awesome!