Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Picture Pages, Picture Pages...

...time to get your pictures pages...time to get your crayons and your pencils...

Ok, there were no crayons or pencils involved today, but I did work on "picture pages".  I pulled out near 500 pics today that needed organized and put into albums.

That was a slow process!! 

My sweet DH picked up 4 brand new albums for me today, each have the capacity to hold 200 pictures.  I've completely filled 2 of the albums today, and have started on the 4th.

Add to that, I'm starting scrapbooks for each of the kids.

I was sorting through scrap book paper!  So many pretty pages to choose from!

Our day was interrupted with the excitement of my DH blowing out a brake line on his truck. We took a quick trip to the local NAPA and $3 later, his truck is fixed. Gotta love old trucks and their cheap parts!!  We're planning to tear the whole truck down to the frame and rebuild it.  The kids are excited for that learning experience!

For the most part, though, today was just a relaxing day.  I even managed to squeeze in a little reading while the baby was sleeping! 

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